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Get Involved

We rely completely on the support of the community.  We have no paid staff – all work is done by volunteers.  Here is how businesses, civic groups, and individuals can support us:


  • Join our HART team

  • Serve at one of our Winter Shelter sites

  • Be a mentor

  • Attend Informational and Training Meetings.


  • GIVE ONE DAY is an ongoing fundraising campaign to help end homelessness in Rancho Cordova.

  • Donate the amount you spend on one day’s mortgage or rent by dividing your monthly payment by 30 (i.e. $1000 monthly rent/30=$33 donation)

  • Donate any amount that you are able.

  • 100% of your donation goes to Rancho Cordova HART

  • Make checks payable to
    Rancho Cordova HART
    and mail to:
    PO Box 1402 Rancho Cordova CA 95741

  • Tax ID # 61-1799533



What your congregation can do:


  • Be a host site for Winter Shelter


  • Inform your congregation about HART and get involved

  • Organize one or more dinners to be served at another site during Winter Shelter


  • Provide volunteers for Winter Shelter

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