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Imagine the feeling of taking a hot shower after a long day at work. Fifteen simple minutes of peace, privacy, and relaxation. For most people, that is a daily ritual. For those living on the streets, it is an inconceivable privilege and often a source of trauma and insecurity.

The balance of privacy (in the shower) and community support (before and after the shower) is what makes mobile hygiene services so healing and critical. These principles are an important step to leading a sustainable and healthy life, yet they are the two principles unhoused individuals lack most.

Rancho Cordova HART is working with local partners to bring free showers and hygiene supplies to those on the street. Please message us if you would like to know more, volunteer, or rent the mobile shower for your event.

We will be sending our shower locations and volunteer opportunities as soon as they become available. Please contact us or add your contact information to our mailing list.

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